New Work by Chop Chop – loooong post

Chop Chop have been very busy shooting and digitally creating with their conceptual artists collective. here´s an overview of their latest works. We know it´s a lot of stuff. But since WACC is a collective, involving 9 artists at the moment, doing just one thing at a time simply isn´t enough.
Anyway all of this is worth watching! Please click the pictures in order to see the films and feel free to contact us for any questions !

We Are Chop Chop - Hugo Boss - flagshipstore
Hugo Boss – Flagshipstore – 3x art direction + designs for the new flagshipstore

Thomas Azier - Red Eyes
Thomas Azier – Red Eyes – musicvideo

Egyptrixx - Old Black
Egyptrixx – Old Black – musicvideo

Mark Forster - Auf dem Weg
Mark Forster – Auf dem Weg – musicvideo

Grennville Festival Trailers
Greenville Festival – 5x Festival trailer

Egyptrixx - Start from the beginning
Egyptrixx – Start from the beginning – musicvideo – shortlist 2012 Vimeo Awards

Kid Simius - King of Rock
Kid Simius – King of Rock and Roll – musicvideo

Jason Forrest - Raunchy
Jason Forrest – Raunchy – musicvideo

Unnamed Soundsculpture - Documentary
unnamed soundsculpture – documentation (see older post for the actual piece)