Chop Chop is a conceptual artist collective based in Berlin/Tokio. Seven young artists from four nations are working, experimenting and complementing one another in the fields of design, video- and media art.
Due to the different positions of each member the collective is familiar with all contemporary media dimensions. Amongst them, the analogue and digital design as art, exhibition-design, installation, sculpture, photography, video, interactive design, coding, 3D and Motion Graphics.
The focus of their work is an artistic-aesthetic dispute within the fields of perception and their expandability. The principles of minimalism face the worlds of complex objects.
Chop Chop are dealing with the world as an aesthetic universe of unexpected complications and way outs – as well as with the interpretation of topic-orientated dimensions of meaning and facets of action through man and machine.
Since the middle of 2008 Chop Chop presented themselves in various solo- and groupworks and took part in international exhibitions, for example Berlin, Amsterdam, Athen.