Chop Chop again

Two more works from chop chop. the first one is created out of the material from the unnamed soundsculpture. the second is a new music video for the Wankelmut Remix of an Asaf Avidan track: One Day. Hope you enjoy it !

Tim in Africa

directed, filmed and edited by Tim Peters

Recently Tim Peters was travelling a lot… and this time he returned with some very impressive pictures from Namibia, Kenya and South Africa. Check out his new work for „Michael Poliza Experiences„. Quite enchanting !!!

New Work by Chop Chop – loooong post

Chop Chop have been very busy shooting and digitally creating with their conceptual artists collective. here´s an overview of their latest works. We know it´s a lot of stuff. But since WACC is a collective, involving 9 artists at the moment, doing just one thing at a time simply isn´t enough.
Anyway all of this is worth watching! Please click the pictures in order to see the films and feel free to contact us for any questions !

We Are Chop Chop - Hugo Boss - flagshipstore
Hugo Boss – Flagshipstore – 3x art direction + designs for the new flagshipstore

Thomas Azier - Red Eyes
Thomas Azier – Red Eyes – musicvideo

Egyptrixx - Old Black
Egyptrixx – Old Black – musicvideo

Mark Forster - Auf dem Weg
Mark Forster – Auf dem Weg – musicvideo

Grennville Festival Trailers
Greenville Festival – 5x Festival trailer

Egyptrixx - Start from the beginning
Egyptrixx – Start from the beginning – musicvideo – shortlist 2012 Vimeo Awards

Kid Simius - King of Rock
Kid Simius – King of Rock and Roll – musicvideo

Jason Forrest - Raunchy
Jason Forrest – Raunchy – musicvideo

Unnamed Soundsculpture - Documentary
unnamed soundsculpture – documentation (see older post for the actual piece)


We are happy to represent the Another Film Company directors roster for the german market. You HAVE TO take a look at the awesome works of Jakob Strom or Who?, the hilarious pieces from Damien O´Donnell and Stephen Pipe, or the masterpieces by Jeff Stark and Sam Washington, the dazzling animations by Eallin, Babanuki and of course Blac Ionica, mouthwatering tabletops from Jonathan Lovekin and Martha Delap.
Fantastic directors for even the most delicate boards !

Introducing Jesse Newman to Germany

New York based digital artist Jesse Newman came up with this stunning piece of art, which probably most of you have already seen. In January 2010, he put his professional career on hold to complete an ambitious personal project he had begun for his family years before. An epic visual tapestry delicately interweaving reflections on the environment and spirituality through the rich imagery of Greek Mythology, REBIRTH of GAEA depicts his three children as GAEA (Goddess of Earth), EROS (God of Love), and INNOCENCE and his wife as CHAOS. Initially solely a side project, Jesse was caught off guard by the intense interest shown — feedback which encouraged him to pursue turning his passion into a way of life. As a result, REBIRTH of GAEA premiered at Art Expo – New York in March 22, 2012.
Before this he was working for many clients, including commercial projects for Avril Lavigne (perfume), M&Ms, HP and Verizon, but also on feature films like Armageddon for example or designs for Jay-Z. For the film „shapeshifter“ Jesse was the lead compositing artist and lead designer. We are very much looking forward to working with him in the near future ! His new showreel will follow shortly.

ADC honorary mention for Steffen Alberding

Congrats to Steffen Alberding for receiving an honorary mention at the „ADC Nachwuchspreis“ with his 3 graduation pieces „Wall of death“, „Herzblut“ and „Remake“ !!! Go to his directing reel to see all 3 films and get an idea why the ADC-Jury HAD to decide this way. Great work and again: congratulations Steffen !


The AME Awards recognized the great Marketing idea of AS&S and Lukas Lindemann Rosinski with a bronze prize in the category „Social Media / Use of Media“ and a shortlist in „Media Services“. Here you can see all materials that were entered into the competition, including the musicvideo by We are Chop Chop and the casefilm by Henning Christiansen (please see the last news-post below as well). Congratulations once more !
Here´s the news on WUV.